Success Stories

These are some of our many success stories from our friends in need.

(Names are changed to protect their privacy.)

Helping a family find new Housing

Tonya, a nurse assistant, and her five children, lost their home to eviction after Tonya lost her job. The family was living in their car for five months. Tonya was able to find a job and an affordable home, but did not have enough savings to cover her first month rent and deposit. We were able to help her with her first month and deposit, and they now have a home to live a dignified and happy life. She also needed help with beds and bedding for the whole family. We were able to partner with another local foundation who provided them beds and bedding for every member of the family. The kids are now living a normal life, sleeping better and doing better in school, while Tonya is enjoying her new job.

When one spouse loses a job

Maria's husband lost his job and they were suddenly struggling to keep up with their rent payments and other bills. They were evicted and lost everything they had. They were staying at a friend’s house until they could save enough money to start again. Eventually, they were able to save money for a deposit, and we were able to help them with the first month rent.  We also helped them find used furniture from an anonymous donor. Her husband found a job and they are now back on their feet, and rebuilding their lives.

Health issues of a Retired Vet

James is an elderly disabled war veteran who desperately needed dental treatment for his decaying teeth, but after depleting all his savings on cancer treatments, could not afford to address his dental problems. By partnering with another organization, we were able to help cover his basic dental needs, and now James has a healthy smile again.  Dental costs are a major issue for seniors because these costs are not covered by Medicare.

Homeless in Jupiter

Harry was homeless and living in his car for one year, after losing his job due to chronic back injuries. He needed help with car repairs, food, and medicine. We were able to put him at a hotel for a few days, cover his car repair needs, get him regular access to our food pantry, and purchase some medicine to help him heal from an infection. We were able to provide Harry temporary relief and ensure that his car is dependable while he finds a permanent solution to his homelessness.